Animal Communication Can Help Traumatized Animals

You can’t tell just by looking at a cat or dog, but PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) can affect animals as well as humans.

Loss of one’s human family and home due to floods, fires, earthquakes, and other natural situations are on the rise for animals.

Imagine if you experienced this loss, and then someone picked you up off the streets, put you in a cage, and sent you far away from your home so you’d never be able to find your human family again.

And many animals are moved around from shelter to shelter, while others are killed (euthanized is not a correct term here) out of so-called kindness.

This is the situation experienced by many displaced animals today. With the best of intentions, they are shipped by rescue organizations all over the US.

Their emotional state is often not taken into account, partially because many humans still don’t understand that animals feel just as humans do.

When you open your heart to adopt someone at a rescue shelter, you may sense right away that the animal is in an enormous amount of emotional pain.

You may want to help, want to connect with them. You may feel drawn to adopt that person in fur or feathers.

But once s/he arrives at your home with you and your family, the steps necessary for healing are not always obvious.

Since each case is different, general suggestions, such as “give the new animal his/her own space” or “be very patient with the animal” are great, but may not move the animal forward as effectively as having a professional animal communicator connect telepathically with the animal.

A Professional Animal Communicator has special abilities that are very helpful to the animal:

  • the ability to sense and feel the animal’s energy.
  • the ability to experience the animal’s perspective viserally and emotionally.
  • the ability catch glimpses of the animal’s inner emotional state, even when they may be deeply hidden.
  • The ability to help the animal communicate with their new human companions to facilitate mutual understanding.

Most animals respond well to someone making a telepathic connection, in part because it may be the first time they have ever experienced this and don’t have any old baggage around it.Of course, that doesn’t mean the animal is going to open up and pour out their life history.

Just as you may find it too difficult to talk about your own life traumas, animals often feel the same way. But just knowing that someone can listen and understand helps many animals begin to open up again.

When you’ve been traumatized, trust is at a minimum or gone, and rebuilding trust can take a very long time.

Still, in a telepathic conversation, it’s possible to encourage an animal to begin to consider the possibility that their life situation is improving and their feelings will be respected.

When you’re in a state of PTSD, the feeling of having no control and of being powerless makes recovery feel hopelessly impossible.

In contrast, an Animal Communicator can ask the animal what will make him/her more comfortable. An Animal Communicator can encourage the animal to take some first steps towards healing.

Combining Animal Communication with Energy Healing and with The Emotion Code™ technique (of Dr. Bradley Nelson) brings together 3 powerful tools to help an animal transform back to feeling good about life.

So if you’ve recently brought home a new animal companion whom you suspect has some serious trauma in his/her past, consider Animal Communication and Energy Healing for your new family member.

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